Regional development agency of Gorenjska, BSC Kranj organised a transnational event in Bled in June 12th 2019, with participants from Italy, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia.

In order to truly move into a modified and even more sustainable mobility, two preconditions are needed, namely a friendlier user experience from the current and financial support for this, said Darko Levičar of the ACS Economic Interest Group, Slovenian Automotive Cluster, who introduced SRIP ACS + Strategic Development Innovation Partnership in the field of mobility, which brings together members of two associations - in addition to ACS's also the Association for Traffic within the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

Slovenia - the core of the green mobility laboratory of the future?

It should be noted that the automotive industry in Slovenia contributes roughly 10% to the gross domestic product and more than 20% to Slovenian exports, while all members of SRIP ACS +, including all areas of mobility, contribute to the gross domestic product of over 17%. The industry thus generates as much as 7.5 billion euros of annual revenues.

According to Darko Levičar, 'smart green mobility' is the focus of existing companies and numerous start-ups that emerge in a given field. "Mobility today is far more than just transport, a dividing economy, the use of different applications," he said and recalled the needs of people in the megacities. "The changes will go in different directions and at different pace, but if we want to achieve the set environmental and climate goals, all of us should contribute to these changes".

According to Levičar's words, we must focus on accessible solutions. Being a visionary does not help us if we are not pragmatic. He mentioned the Edison project (Eco Driving Innovative Solutions and Networking), led by ACS, with which Slovenia is entering the core of the global development of green mobility technologies and solutions for the future. It is the strategic project of Slovenia and the wider region as a laboratory of green mobility of the future - it is also supported by the Slovenian government - based on numerous smaller projects.

"The fact is, we cannot wait for the progress; it will not come by itself, but we have to actively work on it" emphasized Darko Levičar in the end.