BCS Kranj is responsible for Learning Interactions and Exchange of Experiences which means that has prepared a Road Map. The exchange of experience road map is defining a process of gaining the knowledge to elaborate the recommendation for improving the regional and national policies addressed in the e-MOPOLI project. In the document The Road Map for learning actions are defined the main objectives of the Road Map and it contains: road map objectives; expected results; tasks, timeline and division of roles; organization; monitoring and assessment results, and annexes.

The activity required coordination with the responsible partner from Belgium for identification, a set of Good Practices with a responsible partner from Finland for the preparation of e-MOPOLI methodology, and responsible partners for the preparation of e-MOPOLI recommendations during this reporting period of the structure of the document. In addition, it was necessary to obtain feedback on the quality of the document from all partners, and the approval of the Lead Partner.

BSC Kranj used every opportunity presented on the partners meeting to discuss with the representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure, who is an observer in the project, to additionally address good practices presented on the meetings, the local and regional needs influenced by the national level policies and in need for the upgrades. The Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing a national action plan for the promotion of vehicles on alternative fuels and it has been agreed that we jointly cooperate on the regional level with the local communities to identify the needs and address the by corresponding national policies.