In November 2021, Flanders Region approved 210 projects for the deployment of 9 800 charge point equivalents in the coming two years. The projects were selected in a project call which was launched in the summer of 2021. The charging infrastructure will be installed on private properties (e.g. businesses, shops, …) but will be at least 10 hours per day publicly accessible for all external users. In total, the projects received a total co-financing amount of 8.2 million euro, financed by the European Recovery Fund NextGenerationEU.

At the same time, Flanders Region is developing a framework for a smart and demand-driven deployment of charging infrastructure on public domain, in collaboration with local governments. In this way, Flanders Region wants to stimulate the deployment of publicly accessible charging infrastructure, with a global ambition of increasing the existing network with 30 000 extra charge point equivalents in 2025.