Automotive Cluster Slovenia (ACS) in cooperation with Regional development Agency of Gorenjska organised a transnational event in Ljubljana on the 20th of October 2021, addressing the innovation and implementation of smart solutions in public passenger transport and last mile logistic.

The event was organized in the scope of the transnational project e-SMART, co-funded by the ERDF, Alpine Space programme.

The key speakers on the event were: the host Rok Ban from ACS and Cristina Cavicchioli from RSE, Italy, introducing smart territory toolkit architecture for the electrification of public road transport and last mile logistic and energy management tackled in the e-SMART project, co-financed by ERDF, Alpine Space programme, Marco Zanini from Gruppo Torinese Transporti, Italy, talking about the positive experience in fleet management of BYD electric buses; Szymon Pyzik from Codognotto Austria, introducing sustainable trends in freight transport and logistics in the Alpine region, from shippers' requirements and expectations to providers' investments in vehicles and digitalization, agreeing that moving freight transport from road to rail in Europe is problematic due to the lack of unified system and boarder procedures, lack of flexibility that road freight transport has and the costs of delays that lengthy procedures and delays bring to logistic service provision. Mitja Klemenčič from University in Maribor talked about planning and management of low carbon mobility infrastructure introduced in the transnational project EfficientCE, Interreg CE, co-funded by ERDF. The University in Maribor cooperates with the city municipality of Maribor which is in the process of purchasing their first 2 of 12m electric buses and installing fast charging stations of 150 kW to 300 kW power. Urša Hribernik from LIT Transit introduced public passenger transport platform and smart solutions. This Slovenian company is one of the global companies offering smart management solutions based on real time data on traffic in Middle East, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, Greece and other world countries. Milena Črnilogar Radež from The Ministry of Infrastructure introduced governmental plans for transport electrification in Slovenia according to AFID.

The event participants came from Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Participants attended on-line and physically. Each presentation initiated additional debate on the topics.