[NEWS] Calabria Region: sustainable developments

Calabria Region is working very hard towards a sustainable change regarding transport and mobility.

It was held on July 22 the technical workshop Urban Welfare and Sustainable Cities, at the initiative of the Calabria Region, as part of the process of construction of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development. The workshop, promoted by the Regional Councillor for Infrastructure, Domenica Catalfamo, represented a first moment of confrontation on the themes of urban and territorial regeneration, mainly in comparison with the targets of Goal 11 of the 2030 Agenda "Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, durable and sustainable". The workshop focused on the potential for growth and development related to policies and practices for sustainable construction and reiterated the importance of sustainability made of content and concrete actions, with the involvement of the productive fabric, institutions and the community. Councillor Catalfamo introduced the issues related to regional planning and infrastructure at regional level, pointing out the links between urban and inland areas, in an integrated vision of planning, decarbonization goals and the importance of road safety. Sustainability policies at urban level in Calabria also pass-through sustainable mobility, on which the Regional Transport Plan focuses. Finally, it emerged the need for a strengthening of governance with a role of the Region that identifies the guidelines for sustainability but also supports local authorities in the implementation of various urban planning tools. All the indications emerged from the workshop will be used for the elaboration of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development with the technical and institutional regional coordination. Thus, it emerges once again the role of extreme importance that has the sustainable transition in the transport sector in Calabria as in other Italian regions.