[NEWS] Province of Brescia: towards a green mobility

The province of Brescia continues her path towards a sustainable mobility.

The development of sustainable mobility in Brescia and its surroundings does not stop. Not only car sharing on Lake Garda: since a few days the scooter sharing service has also been operational, in fact "Phase 3" of the Garda Uno E-way project. The project, which was also financed by the Ministry of the Environment, was shared right from the start with the participating municipalities in order to create a sustainable (electric) mobility network that would encompass the entire Lake Garda area and the provinces involved.

The first demonstration tour was staged on 26 June 2021: not a random date, but the anniversary of the green light for the car sharing project inaugurated in the summer of 2019. The project's mission is to reduce emissions. Thanks to the new fleet of scooters, E-way relaunches sustainable mobility, encouraging commuters, tourists and users in general to change their mobility style, pushing them towards the intermodal use of transport, integrating car sharing with carpooling.