[NEWS] KAINUU: fuels and e-mobility solutions

Comprehensive Municipal Transportation System Plan developed in the City of Kajaani – emphasis on alternative fuels and mobility solutions

Municipal transport system plan is a long term plan on how the mobility of the people is organized. The objectives were set to ensure the ease of using sustainable mobility, safety and proficiency. The plan also reflects to city’s strategic goals to make the center of the city accessible and lively and to decrease the traffic emissions. The plan is now under the process of approval in the city hall.

The development main goals in developing the transportation are divided in to 6 categories: (1) sustainable mobility in the city, (2) accessibility of the city center, (3) safe and sustainable traffic, (4) transportation in rural areas, (5) travel and transport chain functionality and (6) transport network serving the businesses. From the point of view of the low-emission mobility, the plan recognizes electric and biogas vehicles as sustainable solutions in Kajaani. The plan suggests that the city should prioritize the low emission vehicles in the own procurements. Also the improvement of charging network for electric vehicles and increased availability of biofuels are being studied in the near future.

Cycling is considered a priority in the plan and many suggestions to improve the routes in the center of the city are included. Also the winter maintenance of the cycling routes to improve the possibilities of year around commuting on bicycles. The procurement of rentable city bikes is under consideration.