The city of Brescia and its province continue on the road to sustainable mobility

The trend towards increasingly sustainable mobility does not stop in Brescia and the entire province. On Monday 1 March, the Province of Brescia, in order to continue with its campaign to transform mobility, launched the Lombardy Region's call for tenders to request contributions for the purchase of zero or very low emission vehicles. The measure promoted by the Region also includes a specific endowment for 2021 of 18 million euros dedicated solely to electric vehicles in the category (mopeds, scooters, motorbikes, tricycles and quadricycles). This initiative on the part of the Brescian authority is part of the planning strategies for sustainable mobility, which today is a fundamental issue that cannot be neglected.

It would have been easy to think that with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Lombardy, the positive trend towards sustainable mobility would have stopped. In fact, 2020 closed with a positive increase in the electric mobility sector. For the first time, mopeds, scooters and motorbikes exceeded 10,000 registered vehicles, a convincing +84.5%. This is the most significant growth in percentage terms, with the scooter market registering + 268.8%, motorbikes + 125.7% and mopeds closing the year at + 8.3%. The numbers for quadricycles were also positive, reaching +10.5% over 2019. This positive trend was also seen, as mentioned, in Brescia and its province.

According to Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industries), this trend is destined to grow both in the province of Brescia and throughout the Lombardy region, precisely because of the important role that two-wheelers play in the future of mobility, especially in urban areas. This positive trend can be seen mainly in the region's major cities, where (thanks also to the push of sharing mobility and government incentives), electric vehicles have recorded significant growth compared to 2019. The Lombardy Region call for tenders is aimed at individuals (no companies) resident in Lombardy and will remain open until 31 December unless the fund is exhausted. The incentives cover 30% of the purchase price excluding VAT.

The path promoted by the Lombardy Region and its provinces has been going on for a number of years, and certifies a green idea with a focus on sustainability. The regional institutions promise that activities in favour of electric mobility will continue in the years to come. The trend supported by the Region sees in the Brescia institutions a strong supporter, which also in 2021 intends to act as a driving force for a sector that is today fundamental to the regional economies.