The second online peer review was held on 07.09.2020 year and was hosted by Amiens, an E-MOB partner from France. During peer review, experts from LP Aufbauwerk, PP4 Koprivnica, PP9 UNIN, PP5 TEIWM discus whit all present about good practices that are shown. 

After short interdiction that is given from Amiens, good practices are presented and one of them is called “Nemo” and it's related to the electric bus. The new buses connect the city center, employment centers, leisure areas, and major metropolitan facilities. The 43 electric buses represent the largest acquisition of this type of equipment in Europe. They do not emit any air pollutants and make it possible to reduce noise and vibrations, Nemo will improve the quality of life for travelers and residents. In 2019, the four Nemo entered into the Amiens’ public transport arena with their package of comfort, increased frequency, and shortened journey times. Three of them, are 100% electric. That means they have no ecological impact during operation, with no CO2 or particle emissions. This is the most ambitious E-mobility project at the European level. 

After presenting “Nemo” the next good practice was presented and it is related to Flixbus the first electric coach in France. In 2018, Flixbus is approaching Autocars Dominique - the parent company of B.E. green to find new transport partners. More than ever involved in the challenges of the energy transition, Autocars Dominique and B.E. green submit the idea of setting up a 100% electric line. Seduced by this new and unique proposal on the market, Flixbus joined forces with Autocars Dominique and B.E. green to launch, between Paris and Amiens, the world's first long-distance line in 100% electric coaches!

Buscyclette offers the rental of Ebike, this bike allows to ride with less effort to have a 

higher speed than a classic bicycle so to cover longer distances. Equipped with an electric motor and powered by a battery that can be recharged from a simple socket, the E-bike has a notorious success at Amiens Metropole. As practical as a conventional bicycle, it has the advantage of a motor that accompanies the movement and makes it easier to overcome difficulties. The E-Bike allows people who are not specifically sporty, active people or even elderly people to regain the use of a bicycle every day.

After presenting good practice, the Learning conference starts. On the learning conference, there were topics related to the Amiens context and the role of E-mobility, Adaptation of the “BHNS” operating to the new electric bus system, and the impact of electrical technology on transport operator Amiens Metropole / Keolis, Presentation of technical characteristics of the electric bus system Amiens Metropole/ Irizar, and interactive discussion related to the energy management, the battery - operational issues and maintenance and last topic was policy decision assistance. 

After the learning conference, the peer review was closed and the E-MOB team discuss future steps in the project and future peer review.