The second regional stakeholder meeting was held online with the representatives of the local stakeholder City of Leipzig, Economic Development Office. As it was discussed during the first meeting, both parties agreed to cooperate within the activities regarding E-MOB and 2050CliMobCity as both projects address the same policy instrument.

The meeting aimed to update on the progress made in both projects and the current effects of the corona pandemic on the implementation of the projects. First, Mr. Becker presented the current status of the Interreg Europe project 2050CliMobCity and the progress in the 1st semester. Afterward, Mrs. Rückert introduced the progress of the 1st semester and the outcomes of the peer review workshop in Kozani. She introduced the newly developed peer review concept with study visit, learning conference, and learning effect session to sensitize the stakeholder for their participation and for finding other suitable experts.

Furthermore, the activities of EMOB in the 2nd semester were mentioned and how they are affected by national regulations as well as changed working conditions due to the corona pandemic. All physical meetings will be postponed. Therefore, as for the E-MOB project, the intended Peer Reviews will be organized in an online format.

After presenting the activities, the participants were discussing the upcoming tasks of both projects in order to align the regional stakeholder work and to clearly differentiate the project related influence both projects are targeting. Since Aufbauwerk is aiming in E-MOB the topic of charging stations, their infrastructure and regulations as well as their connection between urban and rural regions, the Economic Development Office of the City of Leipzig will focus on CO2 reduction measures and mobility start-ups/services. Aufbauwerk and Economic Development Office agreed to involve the local cluster NEU e.V. and its internal working of “Intelligent Mobility” to their regional stakeholder network as many important actors in the field of e-mobility are involved there.