The third regional stakeholder meeting took place in the premises of Aufbauwerk with the local stakeholder City of Leipzig, Economic Development Office. The aim of the meeting was to present the  1st Peer Review meeting in Cieza, Spain to the regional stakeholder and to update on the current progress of the project. Furthermore, the common activities of E-MOB and 2050CliMobCity were discussed.

In the beginning, Mrs. Rückert introduced the current planning concerning the Peer Reviews of the E- MOB project. The first review will be hosted by Cieza, Spain, and be held on July 1st, 2020. The main topics will regard e-scooters, their infrastructure, and sharing models. Considering this, all participants discussed suitable experts from their networks and defined a list of experts who will be approached for joining in the Peer Review.

Afterwards, Mr. Becker shortly presented to the Aufbauwerk the first results of the Economic  Development Office regarding the selection of measures which will be used to further develop the policy instrument “Leipzig – City for intelligent mobility” within the 2050CliMobCity project. It is aimed to investigate the potentials of CO2-reduction through the electrical charging infrastructure. Therefore, a charging infrastructure concept will be developed. This presents the first possible measure which can be integrated into E-MOB regarding the elaboration of the Action Plan.

At last, it was agreed that both projects, E-MOB and 2050CliMobCity, will foster their joint activities also in the area of public relations so that both projects will present the established collaboration on their publication media/channels in order to widen the reach of the project activities and results. Therefore, also the regional cluster organization “Network Energy & Environment” and their online presence shall be involved.