The City of Koprivnica and the University North are one of the examples of good practice in the development of electro-mobility. In cooperation with partner countries on European projects, the city of Koprivnica has installed several electric charging stations in the city infrastructure that can be used by all citizens. Besides, by procuring electric cars used by public servants in the city government, Koprivnica has shown its commitment to developing and encouraging the development of electromobility.

But this is not the only example. Namely, in cooperation with Civitas Dynamo, Koprivnica designed a public urban transport of electric buses for passengers. Currently, these buses are used for urban student transport according to a timetable that is harmonized with other modes of public transportation such as rail transport.

On the other hand, the University of the North, in cooperation with the city of Koprivnica, prohibited the movement of vehicles using fossil fuel propulsion in University campus and declared this area a Zero CO2 zone. Only electric vehicles are operating in this zone. By purchasing one electric vehicle, the University North also proved that in synergy with the city of Koprivnica it is acting to promote electric mobility.

Furthermore, a workshop was held at the University of the North where all interested citizens could participate to get acquainted with the way electric vehicles work and the benefits of such vehicles. It should be noted that the cooperation between the University of North and the City of Koprivnica could also be seen in the example of the joint presentation of electric vehicles in the city square as part of Mobility Week.