During the meeting, E-MOB project was introduced to the stakeholders. Main objectives, partnership, the specific  role of Cieza and the role to be played by the stakeholder group was presented by members of the city council of Cieza and members of EuroVértice, the company which provides external assistance to the municipality in the development of the project. 

Then each one of the stakeholders introduced themselves. Each one explained where they came from, so everyone could know each other; why it was important for them to promote electric mobility at local level and regional level and how could they contribute in the project to achieve real and good solutions to be implemented in Cieza in order to promote the electric mobility in a successful way. 

During the meeting, the importance of the transition towards electric mobility in a clear and urgent way was highlighted, " as it is a fundamental aspect in the fight against climate change and air pollution&quot. In addition, possible solutions to be implemented in Cieza were suggested, for both, the promotion of the electric private car, and for the promotion of low power electric mobility, such as the use of the scooter or the electric bike. 

In addition, it was explained that this stakeholder group will be invited again to future actions of the project and that closer collaboration among actors could be made, and that the group is open to additional members. Some of the stakeholders engaged could not come to the meeting but will join to future events.