Project good practices

Entrepreneur+ Development of Entrepreneurial Skills and...

Summary: The primary purpose of the project was not to provide traditional subject-based knowledge transfer, but to develop an entrepreneurial attitude among students.

Location: Centru, Romania (România)


Summary: INNICIA is a regional entrepreneurship culture programme that goes beyond productive dimension, incorporating the personal and social dimensions equally.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Proactive training

Summary: Proactive Training is a project promoting entrepreneurship education, teamwork, and creativity among young people

Location: Lazio, Italy (Italia)

Expect the Unexpected Join the Serendipity Table as host

Summary: The Serendipity Tables projects connects youngsters and students with the wider community and enhances entrepreneurial mindsets.

Location: Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)

Digital Academy for Juniors

Summary: Focus of workshops: stimulating curiosity and developing creativity, thinking critically, arriving at problem solutions through experimentation of children

Location: Kontinentalna Hrvatska, Croatia (Hrvatska)

KaPoDaV - Entrepreneurship for the sustainable development

Summary: Support of entrepreneurship in schools on the basis of a subsidy. Teaching to be entrepreneurial and to create business models that are sustainable.

Location: Jihovýchod, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Summary: Since 2014 Psychico College students through the program are invited to create enterprises that will produce innovative products to be sold at the school.

Location: Aττική, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Opole’s vocational education for the labour market

Summary: Learning entrepreneurship through career centres and internships with entrepreneurs.

Location: Opolskie, Poland (Polska)

The Gatsby Benchmarks and The Careers Hub Modal

Summary: A research based appraoch to ensure high quality advice and guidance programmes in schools which utilises employers and a network of Enterprise Co-ordinators.

Location: Devon, United Kingdom

Taking initiative; Becoming a Critical Friend

Summary: Critical Friends Method is about challenging, taking control and initiative. Through the help of Critical Friends students explore future potentialities.

Location: Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)

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