Are you interested in learning about the latest developments of the EntreComp framework in the education system?

Our next webinar of january 19th will be addressing the practical implementation of the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework EntreComp . We will be lucky to have with us:

Elin McCallum, Director of Bantani Education, an organisation engaged to support institutions to promote , understand or introduce more and better entrepreneurial learning into their policy or practice. 

Iván Diego Rodríguez, entrepreneurship facilitator at Valnalón, a regional organisation from Asturias (Spain), promoting entrepreneurial education programmes and initiatives to support the regional education system. 

They will both share with all of us their experience in an open space to debate and exchange ideas and exploring how to use EntreComp in education.

This will also be the occasion to share different examples from our partner-countries UK, Italy, Czech Republic and Greece that will showcase their experience with Entrecomp framework. 


Meanwhile you can check the agenda here below: 

10:00 - 10:05 Introduction: Presentation and objective of the  Seminar 

10:05-10:35 EntreComp: current status, case studies and results  Introduction and last developments of the  EntreComp framework in the education system 

Elin McCallum. Bantani Education Director

Case studies to showcase the implementation of  EntreComp in the education system: main  difficulties/barriers and successful results 

Ivan Diego Rodríguez. Entrepreneurship Facilitator at Valnalon

10:35-10:50  EntreComp implementation: Italy, Greece, Czech  Republic and UK 

10:50-11:00 Debate and Q&A