At the virtual study visit, project partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to learn how digital realities are being developed, promoted and implemented in the Canary Islands. Furthermore public policies at different complementary levels, from the regional perspective to the local island-centred view have been reviewed.

On Tuesday 23rd March, after the institutional welcome by Regional Director of Innovalia, two sessions on regional policies were scheduled followed by two best practices bringing in technologies and companies. The first session was about Regional Public Policies supporting the implementation of digital realities in regional companies (by ACIISI). The second one was about “Canarias Financia 1” funds (by SODECAN), explaining the existing financial instruments to technology-based entrepreneurs and start-ups. On top of those sessions, the morning session ended with two demonstration talks of tech companies: Botdreams with their virtual assistant solution, and Lightbee focused on high-tech solutions to the tourism sector.

In the afternoon, three talks were scheduled: first is a Public Private Partnership named CIDIHUB (Canary Islands Digital Innovation Hub). After that, two best practices were reviewed . First one is related to the digital transformation of a rural tourism business (BODEGAS MONJE + REDBORDER), while the second one was about promoting ecotourism activities using virtual 3D modelling (3DKUMO).

On Wednesday 24th March, main focus were the local initiatives in the island of Tenerife, for which have been planned two talks about Internationalisation Policies (PCTT) and Intelligent Tourist Destination Strategies (Tenerife Tourism Strategy). Then, Divulgación Inmersiva introduced a best practice explaining the design and use of digital realities in museums and heritage sites.

In the afternoon, three talks of tech companies were scheduled: first one focused on art, technology and tourism products (TECHNARTE). Second one, FiiHUB, Internet of the Future for the technological acceleration of SMEs in Macaranesia region (The Macaronesian region consists of the Azores and Madeira in Portugal and the Canaries in Spain). And finally, the best practices combining technology and tourism developed by MNX Online.

The final day, Thursday 25th March, was dedicated to the Digitourism Technical Meetings, organized by lead project partner to summarize the results of the Study Visits and to discuss about the lessons learned.

Video contributions: Introduction to the Virtual Study VisitInnovaliaBotdreamsCasa del CarnavalCidihubDivulgacion InmersivaEcotourLightbeeTechnarte