During the week beginning on 18th November, 2019, DIGITOURISM Study Visit in Aragon is taking place. The meeting starts on Tuesday the 19th with a workshop led by Breda University, following the tasks started in past consortium meetings. After the institutional welcome at ITAINNOVA headquarters, two sessions on policies are scheduled. The first one is about ERDF funds, the way they work and how this framework could help our project goals. The second one is about DIHs, a european initiative to enhance cooperation and specialization at regional level, in order to create a smart specialization european network. In the afternoon, three visits to tech companies are scheduled: the first one focused on video 360 and related content (Abaco Digital), the second one focused on VFX and visual effects content (Entropy Studio) and the third one focused on AR & VR (Imascono). This last visit will take place at Ibercaja Xplora, a center for tech education and showroom.

The second day is focused on a visit to Dinopolis park, in Teruel. This visit has the main goal to present Dinopolis past, present and future plans (strategic plan), where digital realities play a main role. It's important to remark that the learning lessons from this visit are focused on showing WHY Dinopolis was stablished, HOW they managed only a few digital resources so far and THE PLANS & POTENTIAL for using digital realities in the future. Thus, this visit is not focused on technology, but somehow linked to the policies sessions scheduled on the first day. Before arriving back in Zaragoza, we'll visit Goya's birthplace, in Fuendetodos, where a gamified AR app is deployed.

Last day starts in "Zaragoza Activa", a start-ups incubator hub, where some collaboration initiatives will be presented, like 'La Colaboradora' or 'La Remolacha', which may inspire project partners on how to promote and to innovate on collaboration, beyond classic ways. Also, this venue will be used for the Joint Dissemination Workshop. Finally, the Steering Group and Technical meeting will be held at ITAINNOVA facilities.