September 30th as part of the DigiBEST project, in the frame of the 5th Study Visit Online, project partner countries will hear exciting examples of Italy’s companies operating in Basilicata that have successfully invested in digital transformation.

The 5th study visit entitled DIGITAL ON THE FIELD. Passion and professionalism, the elements that drive innovation’ will represent an opportunity for discussion and confrontation on digital transformation issues.

The event will be characterised by the participation of 4 selected companies which have already started a process of innovation, with the aim of encouraging comparison, exchange, and increase of know-how, and contributing to the building of a community that can go beyond regional borders, thus triggering virtuous processes of growth and development. Participants will hear stories from “HITACHI SPA”, “DIGITAL LIGHT HOUSE”,“PASTA ALICA” and “STM GROUP”.

The event will focus on the importance of the company’s digital transformation. The SMEs involved will discuss the actions needed in order to stimulate digitisation and set the priority policy lines on which to work.

After the companies’ testimony of their success stories, a panel discussion is designed involving the local DigiBEST project partner, Sviluppo Basilicata, the representatives of the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) and of the Digital Business Point (PID) engaged in the dissemination, support, and training of SMEs on digital innovation issues together with the President of the TERN Consortium (the technological District for Earth observation and natural risks). This will be the playing field for the participants in the study visit, with the aim of answering some questions: How are companies responding to the challenges imposed by digital transformation? Which are the most affected company’s processes by digitalisation? What are the organizational responses and how the business functions have been called to address the new processes? How have professional profiles evolved in terms of digital skills and which are the new professional skills that have to be implemented in the companies? And above all, what are the best practices to transfer?