On 11th November 2021 from 10.00th a.m. to 11.00th a.m. there was the first dissemination web seminar on social d pilot action.

At this web meeting took part 13 Dialog partners.

Mrs Francesca Leoni of the Autonomous province of Trento did a short introduction and summary of the 3 days of study visits showing the main activities done.

Mrs Stefania Pedrotti of the Trentino Federation of Cooperatin explained the Critical aspects of transferring Trentino welfare model into Bulgaria.

The FTC tried to adressed as much as possible the Transferring of the metodology that FTC used to design the territorial welfare and the concrete realities where the involved Trentino stakeholder operate daily.

A large part of the discussion concerned the Dcoop architecture and the main step to create it but also to explain the key elements and Trentino model of cooperation as pillars to transfer a similar instrument and system in Bulgaria.

Aftewords Mrs Iliana Filipova, director of the CCI Vratsa thanked a lot for the opportunity to make this study visit and devop Social D pilot action.

Finally Maya Milova of CCI Vratsa presented the next steps two develop the welfare system in Bulgaria.

The steps are shortly reported below:

Stakeholders' identification (database);

Selection of key elements to be tested and transferred;

Open consultation and feedback;

Systemic offer matrix - prototype / draft of partnerships between economic and social sectors, and public bodies (e.g., public-private, profit-non profit, third sector and individuals).

At 11.00 the web seminar finished.