The study visit of the Bulgarian delegation from Vratsa was held in Trento from 19 to 21 October 2021 . The visit is part of the Social D pilot action planned within the Interreg Dialog project. About twenty participants took part in the visit.


The objective of this pilot action is the test and transfer to the Vratsa region of the working methodology that the Trentino Federation of Cooperation has adopted for the design and creation of the digital welfare platform named InCooperazione.

The most important points of this study visit are:

1 understand what is transferable in the Bulgarian context to create a new model-matrix of public and private actors in the field of widespread territorial welfare where the service to the citizen is provided both by the State-Municipality but also by a network of private actors, social cooperatives and third sector subjects;

2 create a connection of the relational network - framework supply agreements;

3 draft a new mapping, create a new aggregation and networking model that connects all the initiatives together.

The members of the Bulgarian delegation of Vratsa were: the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vratsa Iliana Borisova Filipova and her staff composed of Maya Gocheva Milova, Mariya Georgieva Panayotova and Svetlana Georgieva Borisova. And 4 stakeholders: the deputy mayor of the Municipality of Vratsa with expertise in Culture, sports, social and youth activities, tourism and investments Aleksandar Plamenov Vladimirov; the director of the Regional Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross of Vratsa Gergana Petrova Mihalcheva; the director of the Regional Directorate of Social Assistance of Vratsa Mariya Yordanova Tarnavska; the head of the "Culture, sports, tourism, social and youth activities" department of the Municipality of Vratsa Plamen Ivanov.

At the opening meeting of the study visit on 19 October were present Italo Monfredini, deputy vice-president of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation and the Director General Alessandro Ceschi and Elena Badeanschi, head of the International Projects Office of the Trentino Cooperation Federation who collaborates with Luciano Galetti director of the European Union Resources and Territorial Development Office to develop the pilot action Social D.

As high representatives of the Autonomous Province of Trento were present the councilor for local authorities of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Mattia Gottardi and the general manager of the Umst coordination of local authorities, territorial and mountain policies Giovanni Gardelli.

"The provincial administration - emphasizes Councilor Gottardi - believes that it is of great importance to collaborate with foreign countries to promote the socio-cultural and economic growth of their respective communities."

In the coming months, the Bulgarian partner, in accordance with what emerged during the study visit, will do a new mapping of the territorial welfare offers and draft a systemic welfare offer matrix which includes the metaplanning and creation of a prototype / draft of partnerships between economic and social sectors, and public bodies (eg, public-private, profit, non-profit, third sector and individuals). In addition, the prototype will include management aspects and potential professionals to be involved or defined as for example care manager.