The lead partner Autonomous province of Trento 23rd September from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. organized an online meeting to present the participatory model.

33 people between project partners and stakeholders took part to the event.

Based on the literature review and on results and suggestions from interviewees, the model of participatory methods has been re-elaborated.

This document can help partners understand how stakeholder participation could be employed to meaningfully influence Action Plan definition and their implementation.

The model includes 4 key elements:

1. The conceptual background

2. Participation rationales

3. The spectrum of participation

4. Stakeholder’s engagement

The scientific committee explained all these different aspects contained in the model.

Related to the spectrum of participation a new involvement level has been added (according to Flander’s suggestion) respect to the first model.

The original model foresaw 4 types of stakeholder involvement:

- Information, which takes the form of a mere communication to the stakeholders of what the public administration intends to develop;

- Consultation, which consists in asking the social partners for an opinion on what is to be developed;

- Involvement, stakeholders provide ideas and inputs to help develop options;

- Collaboration, stakeholders participate personally in the decision-making process and actions.

The new one is empowering. In this level the public bodies delegate the decision making and implementation power to the stakeholders.

In the end the participatory model is a toolbox from which each partner takes the most suitable and most effective tool according to the phase of the project in which it is and the objectives set.