Interreg Europe’s Policy Learning Platform has organised an online discussion on fostering the digitalisation of traditional sectors.

According to Interreg Europe, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need of fostering digitalisation has become one of the main topics for discussion as it appeared to be suddenly necessary to avoid the full collapse of the business operations. After the first peak of the pandemic in Europe, Interreg Europe highlights that most countries are now dealing with restarting the economy under constraints and remaining uncertainties. In that way, the EU Programme remarks that fostering digitalisation appears to be necessary in order to accelerate the economic recovery of those businesses and providing them with new opportunities for growth. 

Several DEVISE partners like ERNACT (lead partner), North West Regional Assembly and Fomento San Sebastian have participated in this online discussion. Jose Manuel San Emeterio, DEVISE project leader and ERNACT Programme Manager, has presented the following DEVISE good practices from Fomento San Sebastian project partner: Dendatics, a grants programme that aims to boost the competitiveness of businesses through the use of digital technologies and Digital Training Programme for Retail and Hospitality, another programme addressed to the local retail-hospitality companies for the digitalization and implementation of the ICTs in the city of San Sebastian. 

“This type of programmes allow small companies not only to incorporate digital technologies to be more competitive but also, what it is very important, to become part of ecosystems where they can connect with other companies to find new opportunities and solutions to sustain and grow their businesses”, says Jose Manuel.

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