DEVISE project partner Regional Development Agency of West Region Romania has hosted the third Steering Committee Meeting in Timisoara, from the 10th to the 12th of December.

The first day, partners reviewed the progress made on project activities and agreed on next steps. During the afternoon, partners and stakeholders visited West University of Timisoara, ICT Department, where they showed some initiatives about one of their programmes that has supported over 200 start-ups. Afterwards, they visited Nokia Garage, which has a long track history innovating in digital technologies.

On day 2, DEVISE project partners met again and had a focused session about the Regional Action Plans development. In the afternoon, they attended INNOMATCH 2019 'Globally Connected Ecosystems Thriving Together' regional innovation event. INNOMATCH, that this year gathered over 200 attendees, aims to develop new partnerships across industries and countries with the focus to capitalize on latest technologies and innovation capabilities into new products and services that enable new markets. 

On day 3 and organized under the umbrella of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), partners got the opportunity to attend the International matchmaking session 'Elevate Co-created Innovations'. This workshop was dedicated to entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups likewise, research organizations and ecosystem operators to generate new links for open innovation projects, co-created niches and novel business endeavors that address global challenges, such as, connected, clean and autonomous vehicles; hydrogen technologies and systems; 'smart' health; Internet of Things industrial; low carbon industry and cyber security. In that way, DEVISE partners and stakeholders could book 1-to-1 meetings with companies from ICT, Automotive and Food technologies. 

Finally, and completing the 3-day programme, a staff exchange was organised back to back with the event where DEVISE partners had the opportunity to visit Vox Technology Park, an energy-friendly facility hosting IT companies; Continental, Engineering division, in which they shared VR/AR solutions they are applying into the automotive sector; and the eLearning Centre at the Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara, where they are developing interesting digital solutions for education.