DEVISE partner Government of Cantabria (Spain) has organised the third staff exchange of the project on the 20th and 21st of November in the city of Santander. Lead partner ERNACT (Ireland) and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (Finland) have attended this project activity.

"The objective of the DEVISE staff exchanges is to better understand and to know in depth some of the good practices and actions implemented in other regions in relation with the application of digital solutions in different productive sectors", explains Project Leader Jose Manuel San Emeterio.

The visits and meetings with different stakeholders have taken place in two days and included different examples of digitalization processes applied to several smart specialisation sectors of the region of Cantabria: Health and Bioeconomy, Tourism, Metal Transformation Industry, Agrofood, Banking and Finance and ICT Industry.

Partners started the first visit at the Virtual Hospital Marques de Valdecilla. This center was chosen because it has been participating in the Industry 4.0 Audits. They have implemented a virtual 3D laboratory for the development of new tools in the health treatment. Afterwards, attendees visited the Tourism Digital Transformation Office, where they are implementing, in collaboration with the National Office for the digitalisation (RED.ES), a Digital Tourism programme for the sector. In the afternoon participants had the opportunity to find out more about the programme run by the Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria focused on the digital transformation of the commerce sector.

During the following day attendees could meet the main ICT Cluster Association, the Business Association Board of Directors, which gave them a foresight about the next steps to develop at regional level in order to build a strong ecosystem in relation with the business demands. Afterwards, they met with the Main departments from the University of Cantabria with a closer relation with the ICT sector (Transport, Smart Cities). Then, they visited the Viesgo Power distribution and Energy Cluster to discover the latest technologies and actions implemented in the power and distribution sector as well as the most important challenges for the development of ICT actions in this area. Finally, they visited the Bank of Santander to know the latest actions for the implementation of ICT technologies in the Banking area as well as the main results of the Latest projects implemented by the bank when using the latest technologies.

"When designing the visits, our hosting partner has selected organisations and stakeholders with a strong role about the implementation of the good practices selected at regional level", continues Jose Manuel San Emeterio.