DEVISE project is progressing well with our partners already immersed in the process of developing their regional digital transformation enabling environments.

In doing so, the involvement of key stakeholders is a key factor to ensure that the definition of improved policies supporting SMEs competitiveness respond to the real needs and strengths existing in the participating regions.

The regional stakeholders are playing an important role in the main activities happening at the moment, such as the identification and revision of available good practices or the development of a supply/demand analysis to assess the capacities and gaps in terms of digital transformation of key regional sectors that will be used for a further definition of support actions.

As part of the assessment a consultation is planned, targeted to both the digital SMEs as suppliers of solutions and SMEs of key sectors that are the potential consumers of these solutions for their digital transformation. Feedback received will directly input into the preparation of focused workshops where SMEs will participate to discuss on concrete aspects for the establishment of these enabling environments.

View photos from the first round of stakeholder meetings here.