The current public health measures have not stopped DEVISE project progress and exchange of experience process. Partners from Laval Mayenne Technopole (Pays de la Loire, France) organised a virtual staff exchange for project partners and stakeholders on the 15th and 16th September.

In a period marked for the need to look for alternatives to the physical meetings and where the video-conference meetings have become the norm, the DEVISE partnership went one step beyond and tested new digital collaboration tools.

Thanks to the existing knowledge and expertise in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality coming from the hosting region in Pays de la Loire (France), these staff exchange was carried in an immersive environment using a VR-powered meeting room where attendees could experience a much higher level of interaction than in a normal video-conference meeting.

The online session started the first day with the presentation of the regional situation: ‘What is the Pays de la Loire strategy about companies’ digital transformation?’. Afterwards, French presented in detail the Apollo Programme good practice and Digital sector, West Data Festival and Digital contents services offered by LMT linked to the digital sector and the digitalisation process.

On day two our partners from LMT presented the VR/AR ecosystem in the Pays de la Loire region, including the Laval Virtual online exhibition and Clarté, a technological resource centre specialised in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and emerging technologies. Furthermore, they showcased uses of VR/AR technologies in different business sectors.

"This has been a great experience. Apart from the interesting content presented by our French partnersm the use of an immersive virtual environment helps the attendees to be more engaged. DEVISE is about the digital transformation of SMEs and we are delighted for having been given with the opportunity to test some technologies that can bring added value to the organisations using it", commented Jose Manuel San Emeterio, Programme Manager from the lead partner ERNACT.