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Regional Smart Specialization strategies in Bulgaria


Project partner Business Agency Association (Bulgaria) organises a local meeting...

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Staff exchange in Spain: good practices in depth


Government of Cantabria has organised the third and last staff exchange of the...

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Flanders’ expertise goes from local to the spotlight


Several DEVISE project partners and stakeholders have met in Belgium to discover...

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Adapting businesses to technological challenges


Project partners in the Basque Country have organised an intersectorial...

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Staff exchange in Finland


DEVISE Finnish partners have organised one of the first staff exchanges of the...

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DEVISE partner implements DIHELP in West Romania


Its aim will be to act as a one stop shop providing support services for digital...

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Good Practice: Digital Vouchers (France)


This practice aims to part-finance the use of external advisers in order to...

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Good Practice: Innovation Labs (Romania)


Innovation Labs is a pre-acceleration programme for young professionals to...

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Challenges and Competencies Programme


Good Practice: To mobilize students in order to enable SMEs to integrate...

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Regional map of Industry 4.0 technology enablers


Good Practice: Development of a study focused on knowing the technological...

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Good Practice: DENDATICS grants programme


Grants programme addressed to the local retail and hospitality companies for the...

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BAA host 2nd Regional Stakeholder meeting (Bulgaria)


Digital transformation was the key topic discussed with Business Agency...

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