DEVISE, or 'Digital tech SMEs at the service of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies’ project kicks off on 26 June 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

The project aims to give response to the current challenge that 10 European regions are facing, to unlock and exploit the potential that digital tech SMEs have as an enabler for the competitiveness of other SMEs belonging to sectors included in their Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3).

By 2021, DEVISE will increase by 15% the number of digital tech SMEs enabling competitiveness in other strategic sectors through improved policy instruments. 

This first meeting will serve as a 'capacity building' event to prepare the partnership to set up, manage and monitor the processes at the core of our project.


DEVISE, co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg Europe programme, is a 4-year project led by ERNACT bringing together partners from Ireland, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland, United Kingdom, France and Belgium.