This study visit aims at showing the unique destination of the oldest Italian National Park, the Gran Paradiso, which is characterized by high value nature and cultural heritage and benefits from the cooperation between public and private sectors. In this context, different realities coexist: mature tourist areas and areas evolving from a rural economy to a tourist one, both taking advantage from public funds.
 In addition to project management meetings, partners will be visiting two different locations: the village of Cogne, in the hearth of the National Park at 1.544 m, then the village of Introd, in the lower part of the valley, at 880 m.
Participants will have the opportunity to explore the best practices of the two tourist areas; to visit culture and nature sites; to meet local producers, SMEs and network of SMEs active in the accommodation facilities, food and wine producers, artisans; to learn more about projects managed by Fondation Grand Paradis dealing with sustainable mobility and the Gran Paradiso National Park Quality Brand.

The event is dedicated to project partners. On invitation only.