During their stay in the Auvergne, in addition to project management meetings, Destination SMEs project partners will have the opportunity to learn more about various initiatives and public policies implemented in the region. They will also meet local stakeholders to exchange on the interest of these policies, their pros and cons.

All the planned meetings and visits relate to Destination Management strategies, in particular those supported by a regional policy called “Outdoor activity resorts”:
- Les Cheires local authority and Pessade resort, with a focus on the Blue Flag label granted to the Aydat lake and on the Acrofun project implemented last year. A presentation of the local destination management strategy will be held by the local authorities and tourist board, with a focus on how they made those investments and how it contributed to the attractiveness of the area.
- “Ambert les crêtes du Forez” area: presentation of their local management strategy and of the “Territory activity rate” calculation. This indicator is being monitored as an experiment. Partners will also visit the “Prabouré” resort which is managed by a semi-public company.

Three examples of clusters involving SMEs will also be presented: the Auvergne Nouveau Monde association, the Nattitude accommodation network and the Outdoor Sport valley cluster.

The objective of course is for partners to pick some ideas from these initiatives and use them once back home!

The event is dedicated to project partners. On invitation only.

(Picture by Joël Damase)