On 11th December the Destination SMEs project team will travel to North Karelia, Finland, to explore different initiatives and practices related to destination management.

During this three-day study visits the partners will visit the Koli National Park, the town of Nurmes and the City of Joensuu. In these locations they will learn about tourism policies and organisations involved in tourism development in North Karelia. In addition, the partners will get an overview of projects that have supported the development and competitiveness of tourism SMEs in the region and hear about business networks.

Over the three days, the partners will have the chance to meet and exchange views with local stakeholders and tourism entrepreneurs.
In addition to the presentations and visits, various project meetings will be held to discuss project management issues and transferability of practices.

The study visit will be hosted by the Regional Council of North Karelia and it is dedicated to project partners. On invitation only.