The 2nd Thematic Workshop of the DESTI-SMART project, titled “Intermodality for visitors at tourist destinations”, took place on the 24th-25th of March 2019 in the Time Port II in Bremerhaven, DE. The Thematic Workshop B was organised by PP3 Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH with the contribution of the Management & Coordination Unit (MCU).

The purpose of the Workshop was the participants to exchange experience, present good practices, innovations and their own plans and priorities on initiatives on intermodality for visitors at partners’ destinations. 

The definition and perspective of intermodality were discussed in order all partners to come in common understanding about what intermodality could mean and how different groups might perceive it. Bus stations, rail networks, airports and the road network, along with micromobility modes, such as bikes and scooters, become part of a unified and concrete multimodal network in order to serve the needs and meet the expectations for both tourists and residents in tourist destinations. 

Experiences and good practices were transferred among all partner destinations, including trip planning applications, e-mobility means that support intermodal facilities, benefits from intermodality, good practices from the InnovaSUMP (Interreg Europe), DESTINATIONS (Horizon 2020) and LAST MILE (Interreg Europe) projects.

Discussions in four (4) small groups followed on:

a) implementation of intermodality facilities for visitors,

b) on joint surveys for travel behaviour research and their preliminary results,

c) on feasibility studies that will be developed within the project’s implementation and

d) on policy change and potential actions for the Action Plans regarding integration of intermodality options.