In line with a preparatory action proposed by the European Parliament, the European Commission has launched a competition to award the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism. This brand new initiative rewards European cities and gives them the opportunity to share their exemplary practices as smart tourism destinations.

The initiative will showcase accomplishments by tourism destinations across the EU in the following areas: 




Cultural Heritage & Creativity

Two cities showing the most intelligent, innovative and inclusive solutions in all the above mentioned areas will be awarded the title of “European Capital of Smart Tourism ”. Additional four cities will receive European Smart Tourism Awards for their outstanding achievements in the individual categories listed above. 

DESTI-SMART welcomes and supports this excellent initiative, particularly since the themes of Accessibility and Sustainability,  are directly related to the role of DEST-SMART in developing and promoting sustainable tourism mobility and accessibility at tourist destinations  in Europe.

This EU initiative aims to promote smart tourism in the EU, network and strengthen destinations, and facilitate the exchange of best practices.