The questionnaire survey for travel behaviour research has been officialy started in Thessaloniki! 

The questionnaire survey is part of the Joint Surveys with Common Methodology which will be developed in DESTI-SMART investigating the the travel behaviour in the 9 destinations of the project  aiming to sustainable low-carbon transport and responsible travel solutions. 

The Joint Surveys are required for establishing a common baseline of the current situation and issues regarding requiements for sustainable tourism smart mobility and low-carbon transport sustainable mobility and accessibility solutions in the 9 destinations, in terms of potential user response and visitor mobility behaviour change, through exchange of experience.

The categories stated of 'Institutional/Business, Resident & Visitor/Traveller Surveys' conform to those recommended by ETIS (European Tourism Indicators System), developed and promoted by the European Commission DG Growth Tourism Unit for tourism sustainability at destinations.

The proposed Common Methodology is a result of exchange of experience, initiated and validated by the DESTI-SMART advisory partner, the Bournmouth University UK, which is a centre of excellence in the field of tourism and travel. The common surveys will also provide an interregionality basis in the project. Through the joint surveys, the partnership will obtain valid data for comparability of findings and potential user responses to low-carbon transport solutions for tourist destinations. 

In the case of Thessaloniki, we investigate the characteristics of residents and visitors journeys, the needs, the preferences of travel and the interest in the use of urban sea transport in Thessaloniki.

The Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki (MDAT) explores the development of an urban sea transport network, with electric boats, open all year round, interconnected with the other means of public transport, accessible to all and with possibility of connection with Chalkidiki and Pieria, that will serve both the needs of the city's residents and those of the visitors of the city.