DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe Project was presented at the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Technical Workshops on 'Multi-level Governance and Behavioural Change', in Portferraio, Elba island, Italy, on 10 April 2019. The invitation was by Horarios de Funchal (HF) in Madeira, Portugal, the Coordinator of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project and a partner in DESTI-SMART project. The great synergies of the two projects are to be exploited for common benefit of the partners. HF will host the DESTI-SMART dedicated study tour in Madeira in 2020.

These CIVITAS DESTINATIONS workshops in Elba island had the objective to support exchanges of experiences and best practices. DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe project was presented amongst other relevant projects of EU CIVITAS and other initiatives, viz: 

- PORTIS: governance structure and planning approach implemented in PORTIS

- ECCENTRIC: project experience and Turku example

- DESTINATIONS: Combined tourist and mobility products: Limassol example 

- PORTIS: Smart Ways to Antwerp approach 

- ECCENTRIC: project experience and Madrid example

- DESTINATIONS: Las Palmas example

- NECSTouR: behavioural change strategies/techniques in the tourism industry

- Exchanges and discussion.

The Workshop was preceded by a Site Visit on 'E-mobility Elba', Organised by Portoferraio and Rio Municipalities, including

Infrastructures for e-mobility

• Towards a carbon-free island: the installation of new charging infrastructure for e-vehicles in Elba

• Towards an e-mobility Island: description of the process undertaken and localization criteria in Elba

• Contributions from other DESTINATIONS project sites.

National and local rules regarding e-mobility, the contribution of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS and the local Public Bodies at local level in this field

• Good practices from other DESTINATIONS sites

• Hotels and e-mobility 

• Introduction by the Elba Sharing Staff

• “Hotels as key-actor for the improvement of sustainable mobility”

• Report on the interventions realized for the implementation of e-mobility in the hotels in Elba

• The long-term rental service of e-bikes on Elba Island, within CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project

• Virtuous contributions from other cities

Site Visit Tour

Visit to a recharge station in Portoferraio.

Presentation of e-bikes rented within CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project

Portoferraio, Elba, 09th April 2019 .

Another Workshop will take place on 10 April on:

Shared Mobility Agency and innovative technologies for public transport

Organised by MemEx Srl .

The workshop has the objective to foster a discussion among CIVITAS community and regional, European and international stakeholders on the innovation and IT solutions for operating and monitoring the public transport and different mobility services, including ride sharing platform. In particular, the ride sharing platform (Shared Use Mobility Agency) designed by MemEx and in realization phase in Elba, as well as new technologies and Business Intelligence module for PT data collection, system certification and service KPI evaluation will be presented. The level of innovation of the National Public Transport Operators will be presented using the case study of TIEMME and CTT two of the main Italian PT Companies. Finally Shenzhen Bus group will present the experiences in managing and operating the largest electric bus fleet in the world.

This and the rest of the 2-day programme are of great interest to DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe Project, towards identifying best practices to be adopted in the action plans.

The results of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS events will be reported in future Workshops of DESTI-SMART project and the good practices shared accordingly for the benefit of destination partners. The two projects complement one another given that CIVITAS focuses on new technologies for clean transport while DESTI-SMART focuses on policy development and policy change addressing policy instruments towards 'Smart Destinations' in terms of smart mobility solutions, accessibility and responsible travel for sustainable tourism.