On 03 December 2019, the first Stakeholder Meeting with the Climate City Office, Environmental Office, Urban Planning Office and the Department of Economics took place in Bremerhaven.

In a short overview, the participants are introduced to the "DESTI-SMART" project and its goals. The strategic approach of the programme, which focuses on raising awareness of sustainable mobility, accessibility and responsible travel among the relevant political and administrative authorities. Franziska Stenzel from Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH enthuses about the committed cooperation at regional and European level "I find it extremely motivating to experience how our city meets the challenges of climate policy and that we can incorporate the ideas, strategies and measures developed together in this way into the overall Desti-Smart project, but also that experiences from Desti-Smart in Bremerhaven will be incorporated".

The cross-border composition of the actors has a unifying effect, because the challenges that a changeover to sustainable mobility brings with it are comparable across national borders. The distance between the destinations prevents egoisms that could arise from competing geographical proximity. In this sense, a creative process is encouraged. The findings from this should be a helpful support for all European tourism destinations.