Project News

Workshop on Fostering citizen-focused urban mobility


MDAT was invited and participated in the PLP workshop on Fostering...

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3rd Local Stakeholdres Group meeting in Thessaloniki


The 3rd Local Stakeholders Group Meeting was held in Thessaloniki on the 18th...

Type: Project

Pafos holds 1st dissemination event of DESTI-SMART


Pafos Regional Board of Tourism held its 1st dissemination event for DESTI-SMART...

Type: Project

Visitor Intermodality at Bremerhaven Workshop


DESTI-SMART partners discussed at Bremerhaven, Germany, the current issues and...

Type: Project

Bremerhaven a finalist for Smart Tourism Capital !


Bremerhaven, a DESTI-SMART project partner, is amongst 10 European cities that...

Type: Project

Survey on mobility behaviour in Bremerhaven


Car, bicycle or ship? The survey on mobility behaviour in Bremerhaven...

Type: Project

Survey for travel behaviour in Thessaloniki


The questionnaire survey for travel behaviour research has been officialy...

Type: Project

Second Stakeholders' Group meeting in Thessaloniki


The second Local Stakeholders Group Meeting in Thessaloniki was held on June 27,...

Type: Project

Low Carbon Transport - Madeira


Madeira main regional public transport operator Horários do Funchal (owned by...

Type: Project

First Webinar of the DESTI-SMART project


The first webinar on Low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist...

Type: Project

European Capital of Smart Tourism initiative welcome


DESTI-SMART welcomes the European Capital of Smart Tourism initiative!

Type: Project

Low-carbon transport systems at tourist destinations


Low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist destinations presented and...

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