On November 28th, the Ministry of Economy and Employment, through GAIN, held at the “CIS -Tecnoloxía e Deseño of Ferrol” an event titled: “The designers as a success factor”. The aim was to promote a better understanding of the activity and skills of designers. Most of the presenting designers were chosen for their participation in success stories publised in the book: "Design as a motor. Success stories in Galicia" . You can find the agenda of the event here. 

The event was held as part of the Design4Innovation project and has served to disseminate the objectives that GAIN plans to achieve within the second phase of the project. The audience was made up of professionals and design students, representatives of SMEs and Design4Innovation stakeholders. The audience was delighted with the high standard of the presentations. 

An innovative design discipline called DESIGN CMF was presented during the meeting. This methodology helps to combine materials, forms and colours into a design action. Numerous people were interested in this matter and they had the opportunity to examine different examples of materials for design products and interchange information about how could materials be a solution for some design project problems.

In summary, the event was an interesting opportunity for making many professional contacts, most of them were established between designers and SMEs representatives. Surely that will mean more design projects for SMEs.