Horizon Europe is a planned 7-year EU framework programme for research and innovation meant to succeed the current Horizon 2020 program. With a proposed budget of €100 billion, up from €77 billion of Horizon 2020, this ambitious programme aims to tackle the most pressing challenges, deliver the most impact in terms of scientific, technological, economic, societal value and strengthen Europe's position among leading innovators. 

We are very pleased to observe the extensive co-creation and design thinking approach taken in the development of Horizon Europe. The EU adopted a 'mission-oriented' approach to the Research & Innovation policy that focuses on problem-specific societal challenges, which many different sectors interact to solve, rather than basing on sectoral approach of many industrial strategies. 

One of the eleven recommendations of the 'FAB-LAB-APP' report  of the independent High Level Group  on maximising the impact of EU Research & Innovation Programmes, was for Horizon Europe to 'stimulate co-design and co-creation through citizen involvement'. In the document, the experts advise that the post-2020 EU R&I programme 'should aim to become the biggest co-created and co-creation programme in the world'.

The Commission has already taken into consideration multiple documents and expert opinions, including the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, the Lab-Fab-App report, foresight studies and various other reports; and now you have a chance to have your say! You can take part in co-designing and help shaping the future research and innovation investment by responding to an online consultations. The questionnaire will be open until  8 September 2019. The results will inform the work on the first Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe. You can further engage by participating in the European Research and Innovation Days on 24-26 September 2019 in Brussels. 

Design-driven innovation featured significantly in the Horizon 2020 Programme thanks to convincing examples of its impact and extensive engagement of design stakeholders on the European level. We encourage all design actors to take part in the consultations and advocate for further support for design research and design-driven innovation that contributes to creative, user-centred and future-oriented problem solving across all disciplines.