The Henry van de Velde Award recognises and showcases national and international Flemish designers, enterprises, products, projects and services which, as a result of their design or their solution of a given problem, have a positive impact on the economy and society.

The official award ceremony, exhibition and accompanying publication make the Henry van de Velde Awards a true platform for Flemish design.

This year's Mobility Award was awarded to Addax Motors, a company that was presented at the Design 4 Innovation exhibition in the Chambers of Commerce in Valletta (Malta) as part of European Capital of Culture 2018 Programme. 

Addax Motors, based in Deerlijk and with assembly line in Genk, produces, sells and rents light, electric commercial vehicles. The company developed the MT10, a 100% electric, green, compact, manoeuvrable and pleasantly quiet vehicle, which is available with an open or closed body and with many other options. Thanks to the size and flexibility of the chassis in combination with a considerable carrying capacity of up to 1000 kg, the Addax MT is perfectly adapted for short distance transport and specially developed for the professional market and for deliveries in cities and towns (for example, for the collection of green waste), for postal and last-minute delivery services and for large industrial sites and warehouses, recreation and amusement parks. Most of these customers’ vehicles are used within a limited area, travelling an average of 40 kilometres per day. The Addax MT offers a range of 80 to 120 km, and can therefore be used for an entire working day. At the end of the day, the batteries of the e-LCV can be charged at an attractive night rate so that they are ready the next morning for a new working day. The battery and electric motor are also adapted to the profile of the user. The vehicle’s 3G connectivity allows for a greater interaction between the vehicle and the technical service. For example, it lets you know when maintenance needs to be carried out or when a repair is necessary so that the technician can quickly be on-site. This makes the Addax MT an answer to the current trend for more responsible mobility in cities and urban areas.