Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), Design for Innovation project partner, will organize “Magnetic Latvia” business forum “Enterprise 2.0 I Design Thinking” on November 21-22, 2018, where many prominent Latvian designers as well as representatives of different companies and lecturers from abroad will take stage to talk about design thinking within the business framework, targeting it towards identification of client needs and their faster solution to create in-demand products and services.

During the first day of the event such successful Latvian start-ups as interactive 3D anatomy learning technology creator “Anatomy Next”, provider of virtual reality, digital and web design solutions “Vividly” and developer of unique methodology of financial design “UX Design Agency” will share their experience in applying design thinking during the creation of their products and services, while representatives of one of the largest Latvian telecommunication and IT companies “Lattelecom” and State’s Road Safety Directorate will share their experience on design thinking integrated within the management of big companies.

Following the experience stories, another segment of the day will be opened to address the necessity of including designers within companies that are not directly associated with design. The segment will consist of a pitch session regarding the subject of designers being a future profession in any company and a discussion about design providing a different perspective on industry and the company itself with participation of various design experts and specialists, owners of design companies or companies which have integrated design thinking into their daily processes.

Day one will be concluded with lectures of professor of various Finnish universities Peter Kelley about design thinking elements in such global US companies as “Apple” and “Amazon” and of growth coach and author from the Netherlands Paul Hughes about using design thinking as a strategic tool in designing entrepreneurship.

During the second day of the event three interactive workshops will be held, where P.Kelly and P.Hughes will be joined by innovator and founder of Latvian design solution company “Design Elevator” Charles Bušmanis and the founder of corporate design solution and consultancy company “Creative Lab” Signe Adamoviča.

The first workshop “Chance Prototyping” led by P.Kelly will focus on providing an insight how to create the first prototype of an idea. The second workshop “Road to Innovation” led by P.Hughes will focus on three challenges, which every innovative and development driven company is facing. Finally, the third workshop “Prototype for Acquainting Customers” led by C.Bušmanis and S.Adamoviča will reveal how to create prototypes for better client understanding and increasing product appeal.

“Enterprise 2.0 I Design Thinking” is the ninth annual “Magnetic Latvia” business forum organized by LIAA. The previous forums addressed such issues as entrepreneurship during times of information and technological development, the unknown future of business, growth, changes and communication within business and many more.