On 30 and 31 October, Design4Innovation project partners and stakeholders will come together to Riga for the fifth partnership meeting. The workshop, organised by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), will focus on developing a vision and actions for the action plans. 

We will revisit our Design Ecosystems and based on the knowledge gained through the project, partners will download their insights from the learning process and review the strengths and weaknesses identified in the first semester of Design4Innovation. Based on the research by PDR, partners will look at the actions from existing design action plans to see if there are possible solutions that could be adapted to their action plans. Ideas for action will be prioritized using impact matrix. The long list of proposals will be gradually refined through a stakeholder engagement and peer review process to achieve a set of high-impact actions related to design-driven innovation in partner regions. Finally, we will map out Action Plans process and plot the journeys and activities to achieving a successful Action Plan launch.

During the study visit we will have the opportunity to meet the Latvian Design Council,  a consultative body of the Ministry of Culture, the purpose whereof is to coordinate and facilitate cooperation of the State institutions and professionals of the sector in strategic matters related to development of the design sector and creation of high quality cultural environment in Latvia.

We will also see how Riga Technical University is supporting their students to be creative through RTU Design Factory, a lively place that brings together research, education and the industry, creating a new hands-on learning culture and opportunities for radical innovation.