Having mapped our Design Innovation Ecosystems and examined the Operational Programmes in our partner regions, we meet in Santiago de Compostella on 7th and 8th November to identify the best practice in financial mechanism for business and innovation support, such as subsidy and grant schemes, including innovation vouchers. This time the event is hosted by GAIN - Galician Agency of Innovation.

Project partners will share the experience of what works best in their regions. During a hands-on workshop we will focus on understanding the programmes from the perspective of applicants. Using the 'Persona' tool will enable the partners to better understand the needs, objectives and motivations of people for whom the support programmes are designed. And 'User Journey Mapping' tool will help us to visualise a person's experience of accessing business/innovation support to identify potential pain points and gaps in the service.

On the day two of our meeting, we will visit the Galician Technology Park Tecnopole and three companies that successfully use design in their strategies.