FAMCP have been monitoring the progress made in the implementation of our action plan. We are proud to report that, (despite COVID 19 situation, changes in government that sometimes produces changes in the strategy of the region or in projects that were stopped because of the uses of funds for other emergy situation as the Economic and Social health crisis suffered since march2020 in Spain); one of the action analysed, consensuated and proposed under the AP (Action 2) of the Action Plan Aragón has been launched on 11/6/2020 . A network “Corridor” of 186 kilometres of healthy roads is born around Zaragoza. Network of 186 kilometres of healthy cyclable roads located in the A-68 corridor, which link 14 towns, 24 urbanizations and 18 industrial areas around/in Aragon Region. 

This Action has been also completed with the new collaboration for FAMCP with Red Electrica, published on 12th June 2020. The collaboration has 4 aims, being one of them the promotion of e-mobility. The action is envisaged as a technical assessment of the local entities to boost green mobility. DEMO-EC, the project, has been an enforcer and catalyst so that FACMP can promote this agreement.

In addition, concerning action 3 of the A.P. FAMCP and ENDESA X (provider of electricity) has signed a collaboration agreement to map the territory of the region and propose the planification and implementation of charging points through an app. The first meeting was held 16th July. FAMCP organized a ZOOM meeting between 45 municipalities and ENDESA X electricity for the” Implantation of Electric Car Charging Points in Aragonese municipalities”. FAMCP will monitoring the progress made under this action, maintaining contact con the local entities interested in settle the Charging points.