The opening of the “Bike Office”, at first scheduled for the end of February 2020, was postponed in May 2020 , due to the Covid-19 emergency period and the consequent lockdown of public activities.

Related with needs of the city and the citizens, the bike office was also opened to electric and soft mobility themes and it was called “Smart mobility Office” to support sustainable and “green” mobility topic.

The 60% travels to work or study have 3-10 km length and the 27% is within 5 km, routes that could be run by bike or on foot or with light electric vehicles, but they must be supported by measures with the aim to safe cycle routes and parking zone appropriately and reserved.

In addition the office can be a place to technical and planning activities (working tables between the internal offices or with other public bodies: Metropolitan City and Region) and to collecting and managing user and stakeholders’ requests and suggestions.

The office can also be extended in the future for practical needs (the provision of contributions, incentives, installation of charging stations, request parking bikes areas) or mobility news, as an information and promotion point.

With the opening of the office, the first measures were immediately taken in favor of city cycle mobility, with the opening of the new cycle paths in 3 areas of the city, to encourage sustainable mobility and the spread of the promotion of economic incentives for purchase of traditional and electric bikes.