The discussion of stakeholders started with the upcoming partner meeting in Moravske Toplice (Slovenia). The lead partner (LP) presented the final agenda of the activities.

The discussion continued with the results of the Mid-term reports. The LP summarized the main points of the discussion with the policy officers in Lille. The LP pointed out the main points that the policy officer brought up concerning the Action Plan of the city of Leipzig. The LP reminded the city of Leipzig that during the implementation phase the cost of the project will drastically be reduced. The project will only finance the monitoring activities. The cost of the implementation of the Action Plan is to be carried by the partner itself.

The lead partner reminded the city of Leipzig that the Action Plan should base itself on the exchange of experience with the other partners of the project. The Action should aim at improving the policy instrument chosen in the application form. The actions should be rephrased in order to include the transnational dimension of the project.