The meeting was held in 11th October 2019 in the Conference Room in the City Hall in Milanówek. During the meeting, practices, that can be implemented in Milanówek, were first discussed. Project manager from Municipality of Milanowek told about study visits, examples of solutions in the construction of bicycle paths, parking lots, separate pedestrian and cyclist zones and bicycles infrastructures. She talked about social campaigns implemented by partners. After the presentation stakeholders analyzed proposals of the residents made during the dissemination events and the proposals of a local activist dealing with urban mobility, especially cycling and bicycle infrastructure. Stakeholders selected actions to be included in the action plan, which will affect the policy instrument, and are inspired by the exchange of experience and which will help the Municipality to reach an indicator of bicycle traffic increase by 5%. Stakeholders and Municipality selected 3 actions, which have to be analyzed for their feasibility.