Project partners gathered for last project meeting in Phase 1 in beautiful Slovenia, in Pomurje Region. 

First day of the meeting started with change of experience and presentation of the actions from action plan in continued with the expert talk and study visit. 

After the expert talk first stop was “Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot – TIC Murska Sobota / Tourist and Information centre Murska Sobota”, where the representative of Institute for culture, tourism and sport of Murska Sobota (ZKTŠ MS) presented the aim of the centre and the aim of mobility-information centre, which was assigned to ZKTŠ MS by Transdanube.Pearls project (Interreg Danube). 

Mobility-Information center in Murska Sobota is new form of providing the mobility and tourist services all at one place. As first mobility center in the region help visitors and tourist to explore region with sustainable means of transport. Center provide visitors with information on existing mobility options and promote the use of train, bus, bike and other means of sustainable mobility in the region promote the travel chains (combination of different means of transport). Visitors can get the information about train and bus schedules, they are informed about possibilities of renting bikes and electrical bikes, sharing cars, possibilities of hiring electrical car.

After the 1st stop was planned to cycling from TIC Murska Sobota to Expano. But the weather was rainy, windy and cold, that’s way we continue the study visit by bus. The 2nd stop was EXPANO pavilion Murska Sobota.

The EXPANO pavilion was set up as part of the “The Door to Pomurje” project - a regional promotion center. It consists of exhibition area, a tourist information centre with a shop, restaurant and a business area.  

In EXPANO, project partners were welcomed by head of pavilion Helga Lukač (from Development centre Murska Sobota), she explained the launch of the pavilion and how the pavilion incorporates sustainable mobility and mobility management measures:

  • EXPANO is connected from all sides by a cycle path, which enables pedestrians and cyclists to reach the pavilion safely;
  • There is also bike and car-sharing system;
  • There is also a bus stop, where is a regular bus line with the city bus “Sobočanec”.  

After the presentation, partners go thru the exhibition in EXPANO pavilion and ended a day with dinner.  

2nd day of the project meeting was intended for project management.