The participating organisations were: IPOP - Institute for spatial policies, FOCUS - the association for sustainable development, CIPRA – the association for the protection of the Alps, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Art and Development agency Sinergija. All organisations already took part in previous stakeholder meetings. The good cooperation continues in the 5th semester as well. The organisations learn from each other and share the knowledge and experiences.

The topic of the meeting was presentation of the workplace mobility plan on which Development agency Sinergija is working lately within the project MOVECIT (Interreg Central Europe programme). In the parallel Ministry of Infrastructure that provided also the Letter of support as Managing authority has launched a new guideline on the Workplace mobility plans.

The discussion run in the direction of making a comparison between MOVECIT guidelines and ministry guidelines. The idea is to provide the policy recommendations or improvements that the ministry could consider it for the guidelines update. This could apply the type 2 of the policy instrument improvements which is about to change the management of the policy instrument.

Development agency Sinergija will prepare this management change in the terms of Action plan. The discussion was also about the measures that could be integrated into the action plan and the identification of most suitable actions to be taken to be more efficient in the implementation of the Action plan.

The participants provided some valuable idea and suggestions. They focused mostly on methodology for monitoring and evaluation and for the Travel survey questionnaire, provide a few very good tools how to implement monitoring and evaluation and run the Travel survey in practise.

Since the ministry is going to launch the call on workplace mobility plan development, Sinergija will provide also the suggestions for how the project could be selected and what could be the content of the call.