The stakeholder’s meeting started with a short introduction. The participants of the stakeholder meeting were the representatives of departments of The City Hall in Milanowek: spatial planning, environmental protection, European funds, investments, social communication and the representatives of the Cultural Center – Milanowskie Centrum Kultury. Project manager talked about the process of preparing the handbook of good practices, partner meeting in Leipzig and plans for the next semester.

After the introduction, she showed the presentation of eight good practices of partners connected with the public transport and the car reduction. Subsequently, she presented the example of an action plan and details, which should be included in it. 

After the presentation, participants were concentrating on:

- the solutions of helping to promote the low-emission transport in Milanowek by reducing the car traffic by choosing bicycles or public transport as a form of transport or walking,

- activities aimed at improving infrastructure (including cycling) ,

- changing of the citizens behaviour.

In addition, they discussed about moving traffic from the city center by creating the pedestrian and bicycle zones together with the construction of bicycle infrastructure. This solution has been seen by the representatives of the City Hall in Lipsk. Moreover, we considered introducing a solution of a so-called citizen card, which would enable to use a various forms of urban transport and while paying for a parking meter. They will also strive to ensure a city bike system using the application - good practice used in Spain.